Graduated Return to Play

If you are an athlete or have a child who is, returning to play can be a danger post Covid-19.

The use of the British Journal of Sports Medicine’s guide has become one of the most popular methods to gradually work back into exercise. The program is designed to use multiple metrics to insure a safe return for all who are returning to competition or exercise.

With the risk of cardiological, renal, respiratory and haematological complications; the best practice is to follow steady resumption of training, paying attention to physical and psychological factors after COVID-19 infection.

It is important to remember this guide of for those who suffered from mild or lesser symptomatic Covid-19. If you experienced a severe case of Covid-19 and needed hospitalization this guide is not for you and you should consult with your doctor.

Key considerations:

  • Before considering GRTP, the athlete must be able to complete activities of daily living and walk 500 m on the flat without excessive fatigue or breathlessness.
  • They should have at least 10 days’ rest and be 7 days symptom-free before starting.
  • Less aerobically intense sports like golf may progress quicker. Experience suggests that some athletes take over 3 weeks to recover.

Some monitoring may add value, which could includes:

  • Resting heart rate.
  • Rated perceived exertion.
  • Sleep, stress, fatigue and muscle soreness.
  • Injury-Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport.

To read more about the BMJ protocol click here to see the entire guidance and if you still have questions you should consult with your medical provider.